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The Quick Start Challenge: This program is designed to help you get "back into it" after some time off. Shred At Home: To help you get, stronger, leaner, and decrease body fat. Resistance Band Training: Designed to help you achieve a lean and "toned" look. Perfect if you aren't ready to try weight training yet. Build A Booty At Home: This program is designed to help you increase the size of your booty while working out from home.

About coach

Brittany @b_noellefitness is an experienced personal trainer and nutrition coach. She can help you reach your fitness goals in the shortest possible time whatever your goals may be. She will guide you through the workout process and teach you how to use weights, kettlebells, TRX, resistance bands, barbells and most importantly your own body. She is a former Tier 3+ Trainer & Master Instructor at Equinox. She has a B.S in Physiological Science from UCLA and is a Bruin student athlete alumni, having competed as a sprinter on their Track & Field team. In addition, Brittany has several certifications including: NASM- CPT (National Counsel of Sports Medicine), NCSF (National Counsel of Strength & Fitness), Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 & 2, TRX, Pre/Post Natal, and Precision Nutrition.

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App's main features

Workout plans

Weekly and monthly workout plans, single workouts and exercises by target area.

Nutrition plans

Custom meal plans, diets and recipes for healthy weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Live streams

Access to live training sessions for new exercise routines and real-time motivation.

Explainer videos

Demo videos with detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly.

Progress images

Workout statistics and the ability to upload progress photos for tracking results.

Cast to TV

Greater immersion and flexibility by following workout sessions on the big screen.

Blogs and posts

Your unique expertise on health & wellness, supplements, mindset and motivation.

Videos on demand

Instant access to all your videos anytime for a personalized workout experience.

Personalized plans

Personalized plans that match clients needs and allow greater results to be achieved.

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